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Do Face Mask Sprays Actually Work To Protect Against The Coronavirus?

Retailers sell disinfectant sprays that claim to kill germs and eliminate odor, but do they work as well as simply washing? And could they...

Least Corrupt Nations Produce Best Virus Response, Watchdog Finds

The U.S. hit a new low on Transparency International’s 2020 Corruption Perceptions Index amid a steady decline under the presidency of Donald Trump.

Florida Gives Publix Sole Rights To COVID-19 Vaccine Despite Accessibility Challenges

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ decision comes despite some rural and predominantly Black Palm Beach County communities being 40 miles away from the nearest Publix supermarket.

Seattle Area Hospital Under Fire After Offering Donors Easy Access To COVID-19 Vaccine

Overlake Medical Center reportedly sent an email to about 110 top donors with a link to sign up for appointments "by invite" only.

Bill And Melinda Gates Warn Of ‘Immunity Inequality’ As COVID-19 Vaccines Roll Out

The philanthropists, who have donated $1.75 billion to coronavirus research, argued that global health needs to be a top priority.

Holocaust Survivors Get COVID-19 Vaccine On Auschwitz Liberation Day

Survivors have felt insecure during the coronavirus pandemic, according to vaccine drive organizer Erika Jakubovits. "We owe this to them."